Schedule Coordination Austria was founded in December 2002 as a private limited company according to the Austrian Company Law with the aim to coordinate or facilitate the schedules of commercial airlines, operating scheduled and charter flights to and from airports in Austria.

Schedule Coordination Austria started operation in February 2003 after moving into the new office premises at Vienna Airport and setting up the IT environment based on a specific software application for coordination of airline schedules.

In February 2003 Schedule Coordination Austria was nominated by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (Decree 131/2003 of 11th February 2003) as schedule coordinator for all Austrian Airports, based on the Regulation 95/93 of the European Union. This Decree also regulates the coordination status of the airports in Austria and was amended in 2008 by Decree 155/2008.

Schedule Coordination Austria is obliged to act neutral, transparent and non - discriminatory, and applies the common rules and standardized procedures of IATA.

Schedule Coordination Austria is a member of WWACG (World Wide Airport Coordinators Group), EUACA (European Airport Coordinators Association) and respects the Slot Guidelines developed and published by EUACA.

Milestones in the history of Schedule Coordination Austria:

  • Moving into a new office building at Vienna Airport (Office Park I).
  • Introduction of a service-based fee model, the cost of the services of Schedule Coordination Austria are covered by all users of the service, after governmental approval and consultation of the users.
  • Software application enhancement (Baseline and SQL-Database).
  • Introduction of “Online Coordination System – OCS”, a software application enhancement to allow users to “selfhandle” their slot requirement also during out-of-office hours or holidays. So Schedule Coordination Austria enables 24hours/7days access to its system.
  • UEFA European Football Championship, all Austrian airports were temporarily fully coordinated.
  • Implementation GA/BA coordination.
  • Airport Innsbruck becomes fully coordinated during winter season (weekends).
  • Implementation OOH-Team at Vienna Airport (Out-of-Office Hours support) for non OCS users.
  • Implementation Airport Slot-ID for GA/BA.
  • In cooperation with Eurocontrol a “Slot consistency trial” took place at Vienna Airport with very positive results and improvements of performance. 
  • Changing communications to email, in cooperation with IATA member airlines.
  • Airport Slot check was introduced, when Vienna Airport enrolled A-CDM in cooperation with Eurocontrol, Austro Control and Austrian Airlines at Vienna Airport