Coordination Process


EU Regulation 95/93 and EU Regulation 793/2004 (valid as from 30 July 2004) and national legislation form the legal basis of the present slot allocation process.
The whole coordination process has to be done in a neutral, transparent and non-discriminatory way.

IATA SSIM Manual (Standard Schedules Information Manual) / Chapter 6 describes each technical detail of schedule coordination.
IATA WSG (Worldwide Slot Guidelines) provides governments, airport operators, coordinators, schedules facilitators and airlines with details about the process of schedule coordination.
EUACA (European Airport Coordinators Association) and WWACG (World Wide Airport Coordinators Group) have worked out “Slot Guidelines” on some specific issues.

Many Coordinators use specific software (SCA is using SCORE application software, together with OCS) for the allocation process.

This section of our website shall give you an overview, what schedule coordination (slot coordination) and schedule facilitation is about.