Mission statement

The Role of Schedule Coordination Austria is:

  • Schedule Coordination Austria acts as an independent, transparent, fair and neutral coordinator or facilitator of slots on airports in Austria in accordance with the given legal framework and the principles of the IATA - WSG (International Air Transport Association - Worldwide Slot Guidelines).
  • Schedule Coordination Austria acts as coordinator for Vienna Airport, which is fully coordinated according to EU-regulation 95/93 and for the facilitated Airports Graz (GRZ), Innsbruck (INN), Klagenfurt (KLU), Linz (LNZ) and Salzburg (SZG).
  • Remark: Innsbruck (INN) is fully coordinated on days 6 and 7 during winter season.

The Mission of Schedule Coordination Austria is:

  • to establish and maintain a non - discriminatory, fair, transparent coordination process and act neutral towards all stakeholders of the aviation industry.
  • to make optimal use of the existing capacity offered by the different airport operators.
  • to implement all given legal regulations and international standards and practices.
  • to enable airlines to operate their scheduled and charter flights according to their commercial considerations, 24h/7days.
  • to operate cost efficiently by integrating state of the art IT-systems and communication tools.
  • to participate in internationally recognized schedule conferences and to cooperate close with other authorized coordinators in Europe and other areas.
  • to play an active role in the work of EUACA (European Airport Coordinators Association) and WWACG (World Wide Airport Coordinators Group) and to develop further legal framework, standards and best practices on a national and international level for schedule coordination.
  • to establish and maintain a slot monitoring procedure and production of relevant statistical data.
  • to provide other stakeholders in the aviation industry like groundhandlers, fuel companies, security companies, hotels and the relevant authorities with relevant data for their internal planning purposes in accordance with EU regulations and IATA standards.