VIE - Vienna

Airport information: VIE

VIENNA - International Airport

48° 06' 37" N
16° 34' 11" E


Local guidelines

Transfer-Swap of slots (PDF, 0.10 MB)
Post SAL activities (PDF, 0.10 MB)

Slot pool

The slotpool is calculated once per season. The latest data is available on request.

Handling providers

Company Phone E-mail
Passenger Handling    
Austrian Airlines +43-5-1766-62650
Vienna Airport Handling Services +43-1-7007-22290
Ramp Handling    
Vienna Airport Handling Services +43-1-7007-22290
Airline Assistance Switzerland AG +43-664-8357544
General Aviation: Ramp- and Passengerhandling    
Vienna Aircraft Handling (VAH) +43-1-7007-22204
General Aviation: Passengerhandling    
M.A.G.N.U.M. Aviation GmbH +43-676-777 5599
Jet Aviation Vienna GmbH +43-1-7007-35609
General Aviation: Aircraftcleaning    
Massaro AC cleaning & more +43-699-17151059
Air Traffic Control (ATC)    
Austro Control +43-5-1703 9417  

Airport Contact

Airport Operator Flughafen Wien AG
P.O. Box 1
1300 Vienna Airport
Phone +43-1-7007-0
General Aviation +43-1-7007-22345

Coordination Committee

As the Covid-19 crises still limits the possibility of physical meetings we inform you that the Chair of the Coordination Committee for Vienna Airport together with us took the decision to cancel the 21st Meeting of the Coordination Committee, planned for September 23rd, 2020.

The invitations for the next event will be sent out in due time.
If you would like to participate and have not been on any attendance list till now, please send an email to

about your interest and we will arrange for you to be invited to the next meeting.

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